Civil Life Cream Ale – Variable

Civil Life Cream Ale


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So, you're mowin' the green grass, working up a sweat. Wind is blowing, you can actually smell the hot hay and corn fields over there. The mulching blade chomps through the weedy dandelions, chicory, mint. Oops, you knicked the mustard greens and cedar chips, dang it. What now? This neighbor's grilling, that one's frying-up some tortillas and squeezing limes. C'mon man! That's it, time for a cold beer. Here you go: crisp and lively, deeply refreshing, hoppier than most with a mellow multigrain mouthfeel, a dry finish with a tangy citrus burst at the end. Not your granddad's lawnmower beer... or is it? It is now. Get back to work, Sonny-boy!