Free State Iron Man

Free State Iron Man


Free State Iron Man

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When our brewers were experimenting with variations on a traditional Belgian-style farmhouse ale, the perfect combination of elements came together in fermenter number seven. You could call it fate, but they called it Tank 7, and so it is. Beginning with a big surge of fruity aromatics and grapefruit-hoppy notes, the flavor of this complex, straw-colored ale tapers off to a peppery, dry finish.

Our Imperial Stout brewed to an Original gravity of 19.8 °P using 11 different types of malt. The dark malts give a roasty flavor and dark color, caramel malts add sweetness and a full body. Five different hop varieties also add their own complexity (and about 78 IBUs). The Ironman is named for one of our favorite regular customers, Walt Hull, who is a local blacksmith.


12 oz